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American Owned Small Business

Alloy Geek LLC is proudly owned and operated in North Carolina, USA! We source most of our products right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality!

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Visit our store on for easy access to all your handheld metal analyzer products including both handheld XRF and LIBS.

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Gain valuable insights as we share valuable FREE info on our YouTube, Blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more!

The Alloy Geek Academy

Want to learn something new on your handheld XRF or simply have a refresher training? The Alloy Geek Academy provides both on-site and virtual training options.

Alloy Geek’s Premium Services

On-Demand Handheld Metal Analyzer Accessories

Whether you need handheld XRF batteries, chargers, windows, or reference materials, is here to help.

On-site & Virtual Training

Gain the info you need to be successful using your handheld XRF or LIBS device with both on-site and virtual trainings available.

Metallurgical Consulting

Work with our team of metallurgists to solve virtually any metals issue you are having. From setting up good melting practice to sorting your alloys, we’re here to help!

We help companies work with their metals

No matter if you’re just beginning your work with metals or you are industry experts. Alloy Geek can help.

We can teach your teams how to do the job right with Alloy Geek’s proprietary training understands how it’s done then shows you a new way based on the latest industry standards. Even the products you need to support your metals business are available on-demand at!

Why Choose Us

Passion for Metals

We believe working with metals should be easy. We are passionate about helping others.


With over a decade of metallurgical experience, our team is courteous, professional, and communicates in every step of the process.


We have what other companies do not. Real people. Connect with a real person. No phone hold times, no bots.

“The Alloy Geek is an enthusiastic hardworking salesman and metallurgist.
I worked with the Alloy Geek for nearly three years at Rigaku Analytical devices. He has a passion for metallurgy and has been an excellent resource. He is always happy and willing to share his knowledge and is a strong voice for his customers’ needs. He is very personable, outgoing, and reliable. He combines these traits with his deep knowledge of metals to grow excellent customer relationships. It’s been a pleasure working with the Alloy Geek. He clearly loves what he does and it shows in his work.”

Jessica Feuer – Product Specialist, Rigaku Analytical Devices

“Highly motivated technical sales summarizes the Alloy Geek.
I was fortunate to work with him in his role as Technical sales. His technical background allowed him to catch up on our technology quicker than most. Soon after starting he was facing customers providing technical content flawlessly. His calm personality allowed him to deal with a very difficult customer and transform them into one of our strongest advocate. The Alloy Geek is also passionate about his work. I have seen him talking about metallurgy with the same passion that some would reserve for their favorite sports team. Stuck in a hotel during a blizzard I have seen the Alloy Geek sit at the bar and start technical discussions with perfect strangers! By the end of the evening his was exchanging ideas on metal composition with a knife maker and proposing some of our instruments for testing!
When it comes to presenting instruments and technology, he gains the attention of customers through stories of past testing applications which always pick the curiosity of the listeners. Continuously trying to improve himself, he is always open to feedback and acts quickly on it. He is a great team player bringing new ideas to push our products and improve them.”

Pierre Morel – Product Line Expert, Anton Paar

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