Who is The Alloy Geek?

Alloy Geek was founded by me, Nate Newbury, in 2023. I am an entrepreneur, metallurgist, engineer, and most importantly… an Alloy Geek! I started my career as a metallurgical engineer working in the casting industry. I quickly realized there was more work to be done in the metals industry. That work called me to serve companies all over the world who needed access to metals testing products to meet their monthly company goals.

My first experience in metals testing was fresh out of college at MetalTek International located in Waukesha, WI. MetalTek was a company that operates multiple foundries developing and successfully deploying some of the most advanced casting methods in the world! It was here that I learned about the importance of reliable elemental analysis in order to make the castings world go round. The lab was busy and ripe with some cool analysis techniques! The lab by itself was its very own production!

Fast forward about a year and I was tasked with solving a metal contamination issue. This took place in a foundry deep in the American South in the town of Chattanooga, TN. Metal contamination is where different metal alloys are mixed and then accidentally melted together. This produces an alloy of metals that does not meet industrial chemical specifications. This is important because, not only does this make the casting you just produced scrap, but it also makes the mixed metal difficult to add back into the melt stream.

So why not just sell off the mixed metal? This is exactly what was going on. The facility I was working at did not have the melt capacity to deal with this issue. We needed a solution that would give the foundry team the ability to identify any metal on the site. That’s where I first learned about technology called Handheld XRF.

This device was a miracle tool for the foundry! XRF stands for X-Ray Fluorescence and this device basically used a low powered x-ray in a battery powered “gun” to quickly identify ANY ALLOY, ANY TIME, ANYWHERE, QUICKLY! We needed one, and we needed one fast.

I did what any engineer would do. I looked at what models were out there, what features those models offered, then reached out to the companies that produced those handheld XRF analyzers. I bought my very first handheld XRF, The Olympus Delta (see image below).

This handheld XRF helped us quickly identify any metals throughout both the foundry and the machine shop. We immediately began quick identification and sorting of any unknown alloys and gave each alloy a proper label. I love metals, chemical analysis of metals, and helping people throughout the metals industry.

Alloy Geek LLC lets me do just that. Help people in the metals industry!

After working with handheld metal analyzers as an engineer, and later selling people handheld metal analyzers themselves, I quickly realized there was a problem in this market. Hardworking people could not get the products they needed to do their jobs. Here are some of the issues I saw:

  • The OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) would change hands, leaving people hanging
  • Some OEMs simply went out of business leaving working handheld XRFs unsupported and leaving their customers (you) hung out to dry
  • Many OEMs still to this day refuse to do business with people who are not the original purchaser of the equipment. This means these companies will refuse to take your money for even a battery!
  • Products needed to ship jobs by months end were out of stock with no restock in the near term. Some of the most common inexpensive products such as windows, batteries, and battery chargers may take up to FIVE MONTHS for delivery. Unacceptable.
  • Training is done at the purchasing of a handheld XRF. However, personnel changes, people forget, new skills are required, etc.

The users of handheld XRFs are my people. They are the foundation of the metals industry from a wide variety of backgrounds including foundries, forges, mills, fabricators, machine shops, etc. I had to find a way to help. Had to.

So… Alloy Geek LLC (and alloygeek.com) was born. A way to directly connect my favorite metals industry with the products they need to succeed including on-demand:

  • Handheld XRF Batteries
  • Handheld XRF Battery Chargers
  • Handheld XRF Windows
  • Handheld XRF Portable Test Stands / Workstations
  • Handheld XRF Training
  • Handheld LIBS batteries
  • Handheld LIBS Battery Chargers
  • Handheld LIBS cleaning swabs
  • Handheld LIBS Training
  • … and all other handheld metal analyzer accessories!

Welcome to AlloyGeek.com – Your One-Stop Shop for handheld metal analyzer accessories!

Alloy Geek LLC doesn’t just follow the metals industry; we are shape its future. Rooted in dedication, innovation, and a passion for metals, we light the path for everyone in the metallurgical realm. With us, you’ll arm yourself with unparalleled knowledge, fostering a trajectory toward unmatched success.

We cater to every need within the intricate tapestry of the metal supply chain. Whether you’re involved in scrap metal or foundries, Alloy Geek is your trusted companion, eliminating knowledge gaps through the sharing of knowledge. We’re here to democratize the world of metal analysis training and tools aiming to make your metals business a success.

Dive into Alloygeek.com, a treasure trove of products, training, insights, and expertise designed to amplify your businesses productivity! Connect with fellow metal enthusiasts on our social platforms @alloygeek and be part of a movement that celebrates metallurgy.

Journey with us through the captivating corridors of the metals sphere. Dive deeper into alloygeek.com and cement your place in the Alloy Geek revolution.


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